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The modern hotel is a good example of striking architecture in Saint Francisville.The Myrtles Plantation is located 26 miles north of Baton Rouge and 98 miles north west New Orleans via interstate roads.Leaving behind the protests, Bradford eventually settled down near St.The plantation has passed hands several times since then and has a lengthy history of tragedy.

The Myrtles Plantation : The True Story of America's Most

True stories and unverified stories at the Myrtles Plantation continue to add to the ghost history at the Myrtles.

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A short drive up U.S. Highway 61 out of Baton Rouge will deliver you to the small community of St Francisville.Last month I was given an ultimatum, I was told by my girlfriend that I was not allowed to order any more eBooks on the Amazon Kindle until I had read the eight that were already on there.The Myrtles Plantation is infamous throughout the South as being one of the most haunted properties around.

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Soon after, I saw the sign for The Myrtles Plantation as we zipped past it.

The Evening Mystery tours are only conducted on Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 PM.A few years ago I read this book and then again this past week.

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The Myrtles Plantation is a 216 year old plantation built by General David Bradford.

Now, the site has merged the two tours into a new Myrtles tour which focuses on the history, mystery and intrigue of the plantation.Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, the Myrtles Plantation was known as Laurel Grove at the time.

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The Myrtles Plantation is an actual plantation located in Louisiana that has had a documented history of being haunted almost since it was built in the late 1700s.David Bradford and his family while The Myrtles Plantation main house was being built until it was complete in 1796.

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In 1777, he purchased a tract of land and a small stone house near Washington County, Pennsylvania.

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Similar to our Daily Mystery tours, the Evening Mystery Tours focus on the History, Mystery and Intrigue of the Myrtles Plantation.

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The Myrtles Plantation The True Story of Americas Most

The World's Most Haunted House: The Myrtles Plantation