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It is for patients who are trying to flatten them and make them look better.

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Like most scar treatment products, Kelo-Cote is designed to provide a healthy environment, suitable for allowing scars to heal faster.Thirty patients with scars of different types including superficial scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids were treated with silicon gel application.It is self-adhesive and sticks right over the top of the scar just like a piece of tape.

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Definitely massage the area, the more you massage the more you break up that scar tissue.

It is self adherent on one side and backed by an anti-microbial (bacteria resistant) cloth that glides under clothing.Pros: Silicone scar treatment is the favored treatment of medical experts in scar management.Expert opinion Strataderm can be used to treat old scars, new scars, raised scars.If you do a quick Google or Bing search you will see there is a wide range of different brands.Keloids and hypertrophic scars are fibroproliferative disorders of dermal tissue after skin injury.

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Most scars improve over time without special treatment, and taping them for 6 weeks after surgery helps more than creams.Silicone strips are sticky, band-aid like strips that are lined with silicone.NewGel Advanced Silicone Gel is a product which is meant for reduction of scars through its unique silicone based formula which has been clinically proven to flatten, smoothen and ultimately fade scars over time.RejuvaSil Silicone Scar Gel is designed soften and flatten raised scars, even severe keloid scars and hypertrophic scars.

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Topical self drying silicone gel is a relatively recent treatment modality promoted as an alternative to topical silicone gel sheeting.The scar gels are apparently a silicone or silicone based gel that you apply directly to the scar.

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The hypertrophic scar formation began with 4 punch biopsy specimens through the skin that were allowed to epithelialize.

Oleeva Silicone Scar Therapy is an inexpensive way to manage your scar without messy gels or pastes.Which is Best: Silicone Creams or Silicone Sheets The effectiveness of silicone creams and sheets are undeniable.

Kelosil Silicone Scar Gel is one product that claims to be an effective solution for scars.The only product that appeared to have any clinical benefit was silicone gel sheets, the kind that have been used on burn victims since the 1980s.

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A, Photograph of a rabbit ear on day 7 demonstrating 4 wounds that were healing with hypertrophic scars.This product claims to be made of pure medical silicone gel which works best for healing scars no matter how long it has been there, may it be new or old.

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